the Creech Barrow seven

Please be aware that this site was created to promote interest in the voluntary Auxillary units of the Home Guard 1940-1944 and the book written by Ken Williams about Sgt Fred  Simpson and the duties of the Creech Barrow Seven.

(further info can be obtained from the links page.)

These men are unsung Hero's, who's secret life as civillian resistance fighters trained by the secret service (S.O.E.)needs to be told.  They used the Home Guard as cover and they were prepared to pay the ultimate price in defence of this country. With the certain knowledge that NO person would get to know of their duties.

It is not to glorify war or terrorism, but to celebrate the men who were prepared to die defending this land against invaders.

For no recognition, glory or reward other than the knowledge that they had done their bit.

It is not my intention that anyone should use this site or any of the links to other sites to further the act of war or terrorism.

Sgt Fred Simpson.
KEN WILLIAM'S (author) and Brother in law to Sgt FRED SIMPSON.
Mary Baggs (Daughter of the farmer Fred worked for.
Comemorative stone at east Creech. Fred's Sister Joy, Brother Dennis, Ken and brother Edward.
Created by John Wareham (editor)