After my jump with both feet into the murky waters of public speaking in june (a report follows) my second attempt was more polished and with a new computer and more content it was very well received. Ken williams was once again in attendance, Joy his wife (Fred Simpsons sister) was not well enough this time.

a slightly smaller audience of 26 people were present mainly due to inclement weather but never the less a much more pleasant and gratifying experience. thankyou to all our guests for a good review.

well......... my inageral presentation was nearly a disaster.

tried and tested at home and at the venue several times.

first the computer froze and again after a reboot.

Then the sound system  decided to sqeal and i turned it off. i now realize that it was too close to the projector?

then I realized that if you turn out the lights for a projector show you cannot see the lengthy and well prepared notes to go with the slides.

after a horrendous start like that it could only get better.

the audience were silent and listened intently to me flying by the seat of my pants and i had a round of applause to finish. everyone was happy and asked loads of questions afterwards.

improvements for the next show are being put in place as we speak and with a little trepidation I am looking forward to the next one.??

BLUE POOL 10TH SEPT 2PM and provisional bookings for several in the new year.


second TALK a brilliant success.

Not quite a full house but all went well and I have two more talks booked for the new year.

Created by John Wareham (editor)