Langton patrol (PURBECK)

Name    :-Fred P White

Rank      :-Sgt WLKI. 42/5

Birth      :-4/02/1905

Death    :-00/12/1968

Married :-

Joined the army 20/01/1944

Name    :- Charles smith Coleman (quarryman)

Rank      :- Cpl WLKS 42/5

Birth      :- 09/09/1908

Death    :- 1980

Married :- 1959 to Rose m Hardy

Name    :- Douglas Norman (quarryman)

Rank      :-Pte WLKA.84/2

Birth      :-16/10/1909 hampreston

Death    :-03/1967

Married :-

mother  :- Martha mary

Name    :-Nelson Henry Burt  (quarryman) left Aux unit 1943?

Rank      :-Pte YWLT.552387

Birth      :-10/10/1914

Death    :-1990

Married :- 12/1947 to Olivia d Curtis


Name    :-Hedley Victor Lander (farmer dairyman, milkman)

Rank      :-Pte WLKI. 21/1

Birth      :- 09/01/1898

Death    :- 02/1951

Married :-

Name    :-Charlie Edward Haysom (assistant baker)

Rank      :- Pte

Birth      :- 20/09/1909

Death    :- 1980

Married :- 05/1933 to June c Loosemore

Charlie was conscripted into the army and was replaced by Maurice Dallenger

Maurice Benjamin Dallenger (shopkepper) with his wife Gladys and eldest son John.

name:- Maurice Benjamin Dallenger.

ex hurricane worker who moved to the Langston Matravers  for health reasons. worked on his uncles farm. A quite and unassuming man by all accounts.


Pre. joined in 08/05/1943 replacing Charles Hansom






08/1944 to Gladys e Ryall


John f Dallenger 1945 who married May Pursey in 1971

Martyn Dallenger 1949 (remained single)

Created by John Wareham (editor)